Yoga with Elderly

Yoga with the Elderly : Reading

Many community groups can benefit from yoga. In partnership with organisations I can offer physically, mentally and culturally appropriate yoga classes. From a taylor-made yoga class for community groups such as yoga for the elderly, for people with learning difficulties and for adults with mental health issues.

Yoga with the elderly uses yoga asana, breathing practices and led meditation to help maintain physical and emotional well being, to maintain quality of life and independence for its participants.

Phoenix Day Centre clients have the choice of two classes; one solely chair-based and the other chair-based with supported standing. Private classes are also available

Phoenix Day Centre, Amethyst Lane, Reading RG30 2EZ. Classes funded by Reading Borough Council Social Services.

Aims of the class

Physical Level

- enable good posture and core strength to maintain mobility and independence
- appropriately mobilize joints, increasing circulation and strengthening muscles supporting joints
- increasing heart rate in a safe and controlled way
- activate and stimulate digestive system to aid illumination
- appropriate weight bearing activities and isometric exercises to maintain bone density
- maintain pelvic floor awareness and strength to help urinary continence and sexual ability
- facilitate good breathing, oxygenating the body and maintaining strength of respiratory muscles

Emotional Level

- fun and stimulating
- reduces anxiety and lethargy
- increases confidence in body's ability and aids ability to work with and accept restrictions
- group support and shared social experience

Intellectual Level

- using visualisation to engage mind and imagination and to widen experience
- maintain neural patterns of movement
- learning new skills and routines of movement
- multi-faith philosophy to look at attitudes to body health and aging

Testimonials from staff and clients

"..always moves better after a class"
"week by week, little by little, I feel myself stronger and able to move a little easier"
"(client) normally...won't participate and it is great to see them really engaging with the movements"
"I feel more confident in what I can do"