Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga : Reading

Space to Celebrate and Support your Pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes

Tuesday evenings 7-8.30 p.m. and Wednesdays mornings 9.30-11 a.m.
Home Studio on Castle Hill, Central Reading.

£12 per class pre booked and £14 drop in

You are entitled to paid time off to attend these classes.

The class offers a unique opportunity to come together, in a beautiful home studio within a ramshackle period Georgian townhouse, to practice yoga. To ease your body and grow accustom to the transformation. A personal class and space that will celebrate the wonder and joy. At the same time remaining grounded in nurture, care and laughter to support the challenges

This class uses the tools of yoga such as asana, breath awareness and control, meditation, sound and relaxation to support your body and mind to be strong and healthy whilst also allowing you the heart space to relax and explore your journey and connect with your growing baby. The class is structured to allow time for you to informally share your experience and thoughts on different aspects of pregnancy and the beginnings of motherhood. Class is followed by tea and refreshments, time to talk and get to know each. During this time, you are encouraged to visit us after you have had your baby so we can all meet it!
In addition,occasional visits from professionals and organizations supporting pregnancy and birth.

I have been teaching yoga for 10 years and pregnancy yoga for 7 years. A wealth of experience and a depth of training that is reflected in the high regard my students place upon their time in my class, continuing onto Mother and Baby Yoga Classes.

I have supported 100's of women through classes and as a Doula to enhance and empower their experience of their individual birth. This journey increases their opportunities to work towards a natural birth but also to feel confident and empowered when that is not possible or desired. I work without agenda or judgement. A space for non competition, teaching that looks to natural birth not as an achievement but as a by product of being supported and looked after well. Many of the class participants become great friends and maintain this as their children grow.

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I am a yoga therapist, and in addition have specific training to see you as an individual within a small group class and to tailor teaching to these needs, making each class bespoke and participant centred.

A space that holds you in your Journey to Motherhood; body, mind and heart and maintains this community as you grow as a mum.

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Pregnancy Yoga : Reading

Benefits of practising yoga in pregnancy

-find heart space to relax and explore your journey and connect with your growing baby.
-improve your awareness of your posture helping you maintain the integrity of your spine as you adapt to your changing shape
-ease and reduce backache
-strengthen muscles supporting pregnancy
-increased awareness of pelvic floor muscles and the role in pregnancy and childbirth
-bring about relaxation and calmness through releasing tension from the body and mind
-boost energy by reducing fatigue
-greater awareness of your breath and the ability to use this connection to support you during pregnancy and birth and motherhood
-learn to self nurture, promoting optimal health before and after pregnancy
-learn about optimal foetal positioning
-become comfortable with using sound to aid relaxation, induce calmness and dispel fear and anxiety during pregnancy and birth
-explore yoga philosophy to help deal with anxieties and empower you to make the right choices for you
-become part of a community of mothers to be/new mothers