Postnatal Yoga

Wednesdays 11.30a.m.-12.30p.m. Followed by Vegan Lunch and 1.30 p.m.-2.30 Followed by afternoon Tea
Home Studio Castle Hill, Central Reading
Maximum 5 mummies and babies, followed by chat and home made lunch/afternoon tea. A weekly retreat!
(£13/12 payable in advance, £16/15 on the day-space allowing).

From six weeks post natal.

Mother and baby yoga

This class is here to support you and your baby in your post natal period. After much expectation your baby is finally here!

This class is a time to turn off the phone and avoid the never ending list of jobs and increasing demands on you as a woman and mother. It is a space for you and your baby to recover, restore, relax and discover each other.

Babies do not run to a time table or a class plan, so please feel free to stop and feed, change, be with your baby, when they need you. The class will focus on your needs but also your babies. Yoga together rather than trying to do yoga with your baby tagging along! The class will provide a mutually supportive environment. The most important thing to learn is to go with the flow, by not having too many expectations. Participate as much as you can during the class and take away with you the philosophy to cherish and nurture yourself within each day that presents-sometimes magical, sometimes frustrating, tiring and boring!

Benefits of the class
realigning the spine and helping the return to healthy alignment and posture
tonification and strengthening of pelvic floors
awareness, use and strengthening of the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back.
Relieving aches and stiffness from feeding and caring for your baby
help your body and emotions heal and strengthen into your role as a mother
help deal with stress by providing relaxation and support
enjoy the company of your baby through baby yoga, massage and singing
help with colic and fretful babies
multi sensory stimulation for your baby through sound, touch and movement-helping their development
help babies sleep through the physical activity of the class
learn the value of self nurture, so that you can in turn nurture and go with the flow of motherhood, enjoying the journey together.

What to bring.

A blanket for you and your baby

Wear lose layered clothing, for ease of movement and so you don't over heat.