Group Classes

Group Classes Yoga : Reading

All Saints Junior School Hall, August House, Brownlow Road, Reading RG1 6NP

Moving Meditations

June 6th-July 20th (7 weeks £56)

Foundation 6.30-7.45 p.m. / Continuer's 8-9.30 p.m.

All Saints Junior School Hall, August House, Brownlow Road, Reading RG1 6NP

NOTE COMING IN SEPTEMBER 4 WEEK COMPLETE BEGINNERS COURSE for those of you wanting to begin practice but need support to take that leap. Email to register your interest.

This terms focus will be on moving meditations, using form, gesture and breathing to move into stillness. Moving into a position to create change.
In our asana practice we sequence postures together, step by step, creating effects and difference. For our health we need to move, yet we crave stillness and rest; physically and mentally. Vinyasa Krama is the mindful skill of moving towards change in our bodies, breathing and thought processes, set by step, with intelligence and presence.

Join me this term, before we break till September, to re visit daisy chain practices. Weather permitting we will take our practice into the garden, amongst the trees. Taking an asana, adding another, beginning again, adding a third. Gradually building up longer and longer vinyasas to re pattern movement. Creating support for focus and enjoying working towards grace and stillness. In foundation we will be supported by simplicity and the core skills of yoga, with demonstration and teaching of beginners skills. Whether you are new or not to practice, a beginners mind, whilst deepening our knowledge. In continuers there will be an opportunity to take these foundation skills and explore a practice in more depth,with appropriate physical challenge and a deepening of our knowledge of yoga. With respect to your abilities and needs.

Each week will have a focus for our daisy chain vinyasa, inspired by you. When emailing to register please let me know what you would like to move towards. Increased energy, better sleep, balance, stronger lower back, joy? Lets make the practices about you!

Detoxification taking it deeper with the Kleshas

January 12th-February 9th 5 weeks £40

Foundation 6.30-7.45 p.m. / Continuer's 8-9.30 p.m.

All Saints Junior School Hall, August House, Brownlow Road, Reading RG1 6NP
To register please reply to this email promptly to secure a place.

This term we will be using asana and pranayama practices that promote detoxification, in energetic terms, that reduce apana or waste energy from the body. This will be supported by reflections and meditations based upon each of the 5 Kleshas in our practice on the mat.

Blog post In praise of small lives, thoughts on detoxification, authenticity and the Kleshas.

Bring it to the Mat!

Thursday 3rd Nov-Thursday 8th December (6 weeks £48)

Plus Candlelit Christmas Celebration!

15th December Christmas drop in class and Social at 7.30 p.m. Open to All. Limited Space. Pre booked tickets £15. 75 min class followed by refreshments. If you've missed my cake and mulled....

Bring it to the Mat!
This term we will look at what you bring to your mat and how practices can support balance and change around your needs. Through yoga, we work with a model called the Panchamaya, that comes from the Upanishads. (Anchient philosophical writings that detail concepts central to Indian philosophy). This model helps catagorise our needs from our practice by considering 5 layers to our practice Annamaya(body), pranamaya (energy) Manomaya (mind) Vijyanamaya (wisdom)and Anandamaya (spirit).
Whether your practice is about strengthening a weak back, releasing tight hips, quietening stress, relieving breathing symptoms from Asthma, insomnia, exhaustion or feeling connected to nature. How can Yoga balance theis? Would you like to know more about how the Yoga Sutras relate to your practice, about pranayama or meditation? Is there a particular posture your are working towards or struggle with? What would you like to experince and gain from a practice? When you register please let me know what you would like to bring to the Mat and I will group ideas into six practices for you with an accompanying home practice sheet. Your practice, for you!
To register please reply to this email.

Christmas Class
As we draw towards the winter solstice and the warmth of winter celebrations and holidays, let us take a celebratory candle lit practice, coming together as a yoga community to breath and to move with joy. After our practice there will be mulled wine and juice with seasonal cakes to enjoy and share some Christmas warmth together.

Yoga of Happiness
September 8th-October 20th (6 weeks £48 no class 29th September)

This term we will be looking at how working with our bodies and breathing, using asana and pranayama, can influence our mind and sense of well being and happiness. Whether you are a beginner in Foundation or have experience the practices will be simple, interesting and appropriate to you.

Using asana (postures) and breathing with both movement and stay to create vinyasas (sequences) that are meditations on happiness. We will explore practices that look at the body shapes that promote a feeling of happiness. Exploring the interplay between emotions being fed up to the mind, from the body, as well as from the mind into the whole sense of self. We will look at practices that bring hedonic happiness; pleasure and satisfaction from moving our bodies. There will also be practices that look at prudential happiness or flow, where we lose our sense of time and become totally absorbed in the goals and focus of our practice.

We will look at the relationship between breathing and how it effects the para-sympathetic nervous system ( hormone and cortisol production, sleep and learning to rest and be) and in turn it's influence on happiness. We will look at both the challenge of practice, cultivating strength and hardiness; happiness that comes from increased physical confidence. Alongside this exploring consistent practice or Abhyasa and Vairagya or detachment from achievement in asana. We will look at making friends with our bodies through Bhavana and friends with the cognitive processes in our mind through mindfulness and meditation. All of this will be grounded by exploring halcyonic happiness, accepting life as it is. Moving away from always seeing ourselves as a project to be fixed. Radical self compassion and acceptance.

Spring into Detox

14th April-12th May 6 weeks (£48)
To register please reply to this email, new students will need to pay upon registration.

Why are we encouraged to detox? A build up apana can occur in the body through winter. This can lead to feelings on sluggishness, decreased immunity, and thought patterns that become stuck. Let us create a foundation for growth as we enter spring.

A detox can be supported on many levels. This term we will be working in rhythm with the shift in seasons, engaging with the energetics of our practice that embrace an increase in prana (life force) by reducing apana (waste energies). Using the principles of Kriya yoga and the panchamaya model of working with body, breath, mind, wisdom and spirit, we will using our practice and focus to create change that supports a rise of energy in line with surrounding nature. In asana and movement twisting and forward emphasis on our practice can release held tension and stagnant energy. Will we look at the principles of Ayruveda and dosha types to experience as an individual detoxifying that can be supported through particular choice of asana. In foundation class our emphasis will be on personalising and increasing our self knowledge of what works for us as a practice, in continuers this will be built upon by an increased focus on meditation ending each practice with a 10 minute sitting practice to encourage focus and detoxifying of our cycling thoughts.

Looking forward to springing forward with you!


It's All About You!

All Saints Junior School Hall, August House, Brownlow Road, Reading RG1 6NP

Thursdays during term time


8pm - 9.30pm

25th February-24th March (5 weeks £37.50)

To register please email, new students once your space is confirmed will need to pay by bacs to complete registration.

Your yoga practice primarily needs to be based upon your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual needs. As a teacher my own practice reflects my needs and journey with yoga, and when I teach, I teach not what applies to me, but my knowledge of yoga as it applies to you. This term is all about what you need from your practice. Whether it's a particular physical focus or health need, whether it's about balancing energy, needing sleep, lifting mood or challenging your focus with meditation. What have you noticed about your practice in class? As a beginner or a existing student what brings you, and continues to bring you to your mat? Using the tools of asana (postures), breathing, pranayama and meditation we will learn how yoga can be applied to you as an individual. In foundation we will come back to beginners mind with our practice. Learning the foundation skills and how they build a practice. In continuers we will look to deepen this foundation and our relationship to yoga with key teachings that enliven our practice.

When your registration is confirmed, please to email me your requests (if you want!) for a practice I will bring them together into 5 themes for this term.

Can't wait to see what you need.......

Yours in Yoga

2016...... Let's Begin With the Body
Thursday January 7th-February 11th (6 weeks £45)

The world of yoga is full of beautiful photography of asana; of physical achievement. It illustrates testimony to practice and form.
This movement of beauty in yoga, emerging from places such as instagram, is evolving. Behind the gymnastics of thin, strong and beautiful bodies is a wave of sincerity and relationship to yoga. Yogi's may discount this aesthetic movement, choosing to elevate a more intellectual relationship to yoga. Let us elevate the body and it's importance in our practice. Let us recognise that we live our lives, our emotions and our relationships through our body as well as the vocabulary in our minds and spirit.

Rooted in an integrated approach, from a place of self respect and kindness let's begin with the body in 2016.

Let's move into a position for change rather than thinking, planning and speaking our change. At the heart of this relationship is individuality, self knowledge and respect. A practice that is right for your body. Let us find courage to cherish and strengthen our bodies. Let us create increments of change, right for you, that speak to the body of love and faith rather than punishment and self loathing. Health that grows from acknowledging and working with cultivating faith in a return to well-being even if we can not be well, 'fixed', or as we once were. Practices which focus on the physicality of yoga, but that are deepened through learning how and why our bodies respond to how we nourish through activity, sleep and diet.

We will return with daisy chain practices that build a sequence of postures step by step, gradually lengthening and returning until a moving meditation is created. In foundation class we will learn the core skills of our practice with an opportunity for intelligent modifications and development of asana. Form and movement will be grounded and nourished by the breath remaining at the heart of our practice. In continuers we will work to extend our creativity with sequencing of asana so that we may surprise our selves in our participation in vinyasa.

All Saints Junior School Hall, August House, Brownlow Road, Reading RG1 6NP

Thursdays during term time


8pm - 9.30pm

The Heart of Yoga 2

5th November 2015- 10th December-6 weeks (£45)

Building upon last terms practices where we explored the eight limbs (ashtanga) of our yoga practice, we will look at key Sutras that inform, deepen, stabilise and challenge our practice. We will look to this deepening knowledge to create an openness and lightness in our heart and our relationship with our practice.

In foundation, we will focus on the fundamentals of our practice, whether you are new to class and your need is to begin with the building blocks of foundation,( knowing that your initial steps into a yoga practice will begin with the heart of how we practice and why), or if you are refining your practice and need this deepening to sustain interest and focus.

In continuers we will take the philosophy underpinning each Sutra and deepen our relationship with it through variations and challenges new to us in breath, asana, bhanda and mudra.

The Heart of Yoga

17th September 2015-22nd October 6 weeks (£45)

Returning after our summers break we will be focusing until Christmas on the Heart of Yoga.
We will explore through practices what is central to this philosophy and tradition. As individuals discovering for us what is the heart of our practice. I will be tweeting over the summer short musings about this! Follow me Gentlystrongyoga @mariegroucott.

All About You

23rd April-21st May 2015 (5 weeks £35)

Our practice should be specific to our needs, to take us from where we are to where we would like to be; physically, energetically and emotionally. Our yoga practice aims to use the 8 limbs of yoga to move towards integration between the mind, body and spirit. In yoga we use the Pancha Maya model of assessing our needs to begin to formulate a practice to create stillness, space and clarity. We can work with the body, breath, energy, mind, intellect and spirit through asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation.

What do you need from being on your mat? This term it's all about you. As you register, email me what you need from your practice and I will draw together themes into 5 practices that are centred upon you. Perhaps structurally you are trying to create a change around your flexibility in your hips, or to stabilise feelings of anxiety or anger, to deepen your relationship with Ujjayi breathing. It can be simple or complicated! I love a challenge and to hold our interest.

8th January 2015-12th February 2015 (6 weeks £42)
Foundation 6.30-7.45 p.m. Continuers 8-9.30 p.m.
All Saints Junior School Hall, August House, Brownlow Rd, Reading RG1 6NP
New students will need to pay fees in advance to secure your place.

Yoga offers us a framework of practices to work towards change; by nurturing our relationship with our body, by increasing it's possibility for healthy movement particular to you, whilst supporting this increased flexibility with strength and stability. It deepens our breath, calming our mind and energising our bodies. It support us to still and clarify our thoughts. This journey and opportunity to work within a framework for change comes from a place of respect for ourselves and in turn others.

This term we will be returning to moving meditations, to 'daisy chain' practices. Our asana (postures) will be put together in sequences, repeating and growing each sequence to fully engage the mind and body. Asana, sequenced together, slowly building, adding a posture each time, returning to the beginning. Spiralling vinyasa's. There will be both challenge and repetition. An emphasis on practices to detoxify the body from the festive period and to renew our energy as we move through winter towards spring.

In foundation accessible sequences will offer a basis for learning key asana and concepts of yoga including; breathing, linking breath to movement, form and counter posture. There will be opportunity to see demonstration and to break down key asana in each sequence. This will be underpinned by philosophy from yoga around change and contentment. In addition, in continuers, practices will be led to create opportunity for both uninterrupted moving meditation through familiarity and increased concentration through challenge.

Christmas Term

From the Earth to the Air.

December 6th-December 11th (6 weeks £42)

Current students have priority till Tuesday 28th October. New students, in addition, will need to pay in advance to register.

This term we will be using the principles of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) and ayurveda to inform and inspire our asana and pranayama practice. We will explore our dosha type and how this relates to the elements, working towards a practice that will bring this into balance. Along side this, each week, we will look at a major muscle group associated with the focus of the asana practice, locating and exploring their process of strengthening and releasing in movement and stay.

In foundation, the core skills of a yoga practice, such as linking breath to movement, sequencing and alignment, will provide the ground work whilst the elements and anatomy focus will sustain and inspire our practice. There will be regular demonstration, guidance and support.

In continuers having established a grounding in your practice, their will be less demonstration and more challenge to continue your interest and commitment to practice. The challenge is not in the difficulty of the asana but in our relationship to the practice itself.

11th September-23rd October 7 weeks (£49)

For various reasons over the years we can build up an armour of tension, restricted movement and protection in key areas of our body. Perhaps a muscular injury in our lower back changes our range of movement and how confident we feel about activity. We may adapt appropriately or self limit. Is there something about your shape that creates an armour? Stooping because we do not like our height or continually tensing and drawing in our abdomen because we feel do not feel right about its shape. As we grow significant emotional obstacles change the way we hold our body. Perhaps counteracting bullies by puffing our chest out and increasing our sense of confidence or a period of depression has led to a physical folding in on ourselves.

This armour or physical restriction affects our posture, our muscular skeletal health and the way Prana or energy flows around the body. This in turn effects our emotions and thought processes. Over long periods of time it can begin to significantly shape our physical and emotional sense of self. Through yoga practice we can begin to observe, accept and gently shed this armour. It can be as simple as re educating ourselves not to elevate our shoulders, to rewrite this pattern of holding tension and the signals that it sends to our flight and fight response.

Using breath and movement we can create focus and an unravelling of deep tension. We can begin to re learn a sense of healthy alignment from the inside out. Not all muscles, especially the deeper core muscles are easily within our voluntary control, for example the Psoas. By using our practice and the Chakra model to deepen our practice , we will work towards unlocking and unravelling. Moving towards space and openness in our posture, we can then begin to build a new paradigm of stability which is dynamic and versatile. For example rather than focusing on building up density and tightness in our core abdominal muscles which sometimes restricts our ability to move and breathe, armouring our abdomen, we can learn to initiate the movement from the core of our stability and use patterns of movement that are strong, dynamic and fluid.

In foundation class we will keep the practices simple, establishing and building upon foundation skills such as linking breath to movement, moving into and maintaining asana, directions of movement and observation. We will work through key areas in the body around the chakra system to create deep relaxation, healthy movement and stability.

In continuers we will build upon this foundation to create deep stillness and release. Mentally challenging our ability to remain focused on our observation and to translate this into simple repatterning of movements that release tension. From this stillness, unravelling and release, dynamic and varied vinyasa sequences will work on key areas around the Chakra model creating a dynamic, stable and responsive asana practice.
Looking forward to it!

Last terms theme(autumn term theme to be confirmed in September. In August I withdraw from teaching to refresh and study which will enrich and influence Septembers focus.)

This term we will be looking at practices to strengthen us. We will be focusing on key areas in the body such as backs, upper body, abdomen and legs and using sequences of asana to develop strength. We will use repetition to look at kinetic energy chains of movement and increasing their stability as well as stay to increase our stamina. We will work using breathing practices and ratio to develop our capacity for breath work but also strengthen our relationship to awareness and sensitivity of the breath. Using movement and breath we will work to strengthen our mental focus during our practice.

Our vinyasas will be like daisy chains, composed of a sequence of asana being added to and built up. Repeated, adding an asana each time, till we conclude with a significant vinyasa that has strengthened us. This flow, and mental focus as we learn and build a sequence, creates a moving meditation.

In foundation we will use sequences to learn and continue to establish core skills of our practice. In continuers we will create some challenge and interest to sustain our motivation to practice. Using the vinyasa to explore and be in the journey as well as to reach a stronger end.

Last term
Balancing Act

27th February-3rd March (6 weeks £42)

Striving for balance is a common thread in our lives. This term we will work with the theme of balance on both our physical and emotional levels. We will use the focus of a different balancing asana each week to theme our practice. Making it accessible for all using modification and development of asana. We will explore and work with our breath on the simplest level, gaining an insight into how breath as a tool can have profound ripples through our life. Using our relationship with breath to diagnose and rebalance our reactions to daily life through our energy and emotions. We will observe our minds response to balance and striving for achievement and how we may use mindfullness to work towards some detachment from our ego. In continuers we will work with some of the yoga sutras around the theme of balance to inform and deepen our practice on every level, whilst deepening our use of ratio

Group Classes Yoga : Reading

Yoga in Prospect Park, Reading RG30 2ND or Phoenix Day Centre, Amethyst Lane, Reading RG30 2EZ
Class on hold

Join our friendly group for yoga outdoors. Enjoy the feeling of being in nature, connecting with your body and breath in a quiet secluded spot within the park. Indoor venue available in bad weather. Please telephone 07984451141 if unsure on the day.

All are welcome. Practice will be modified to suit individuals. Small class lots of individual attention. Bring someone to the class with you and you will receive a complimentary class.

Class is funded by Reading Borough Council's Active Parks' Project

Yoga : Reading


'I was apprehensive about returning to a yoga group after a 20 year gap. I need not have worried! Marie is a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. Her classes are interesting as she chooses a different focus for each session. They are also carefully structured so that each class builds on what we have previously learnt. I have been inspired to start a daily practice of my own each morning which makes me feel stronger, calmer and more focused'
E. Hope-Cleverly.

'Attending Marie’s yoga sessions is a real treat - she creates a haven of tranquillity where you can really relax and switch off. It is the highlight of my week! The classes are carefully planned and the small amount of students allows her the chance to create a friendly, intimate atmosphere where she can correct movements if necessary. This is a real bonus if, like me, you have been to very large yoga classes in the past and you are just left to get on with the manoeuvres never really knowing if you are doing them correctly. I would definitely recommend Marie as a fantastic yoga teacher.'
Helen Fox

'Marie makes sure that your alignment is best for you as a person in the different positions as not everyone can do the typical Pretzel poses of strict instruction in other classes. It means that the Yoga is for you.'
Teresa Saunders

'I love the small, friendly classes which are at a pace to suit all. Great demonstrations along with explanations for poses really help with putting them into practice.'
Sarah James

'I first began coming to Marie's class in the Summer of 2008, about ten weeks after a C-section with my second child. I was very keen to get back to my old self having exercised sensibly throughout my pregnancy but knew I had to be extra careful. One of the first things Marie teaches all of her students is to be mindful of their bodies and what it is telling them on any given day. This, combined with Marie sensitively offering me modifications, ensured I slowly but surely regained my strength and energy - physically and mentally.
I love my Thursday evenings. They provide me with my own little refuge away from the stresses and strains of bringing up a young family. The hall is lovely and peaceful. I always leave the class feeling suitably worked and chilled out and I always sleep really well!'

Katherine Mitchell