Doula Support

Becoming a Doula was a natural progression for me from supporting women before, during and after their pregnancy with yoga. It has and continues to be a privilege to support women and their partners through every kind of birth. I am a passionate advocate, fearless, yet calm and practical. Supporting couples through birth has a lifelong impact on how they feel about themselves, their relationship, birth, and becoming a parent. Having another women supporting you through birth is as old as our history. A relaxed and supported partner, family support, continuity of antenatal care (knowing your midwife), human rights in birth and a woman you know and trust supporting your birth can make a huge difference to outcomes and your well-being. If you are unsure, if support is in place for you, hiring a doula is a pragmatic investment in you and your partners journey into parenthood, whether it is your first birth or subsequent births.

You may know me already through me teaching you yoga or you may have followed a recommendation elsewhere. If you would like to talk more, or see if me being your Doula would feel right please do contact me to explore further.

I’ll let the women and men I have supported through birth do the talking for me!

‘Marie gave fantastic support with our wishes and revised birth plan, and she treated us with great respect. She ensured that we knew that she really cared. Marie was very knowledgeable and a complete diplomat in dealing with difficult situations. We also had a goggle along the way!’ Mel

‘I loved having Marie being my doula. My husband had been a little sceptical to begin with, but afterwards he was so glad to have her support. Marie was knowledgeable and provided lots of really useful information prior to the birth and really helped me to understand my choices at a time when I was feeling anxious and out of control. She completely understood my concerns and went out of her way to get answers for me, even before I engaged her as my doula. I strongly believe that she helped me achieve the VBAC I wanted making me feel empowered, relaxed and helping to keep my labour active. Having her with us throughout the whole process was a very special experience for us. ‘ Caroline

‘I think Marie excels as a doula because she has a strong ethic in advocating for those she works with and doesn’t think twice about going the extra mile.’ Tim

‘Marie is an incredible person-I can rely on her to ring up my husband or mother and talk to them about something I am struggling with and somehow she uses exactly the right words to convey what she means but with kindness and empathy-she is amazing at communicating with people, with encouraging me, through working through the fears and grief from previous births. She has a great deal of life experience and uses that to support people. It makes her a wonderful doula, she’s brilliant in difficult situations and has a calm inspiring presence.’ Felicity
‘I felt like there was nothing I couldn’t say, she was there night and day, I could be myself. She has a wealth of experience from having her own kids’ Neil

‘Marie supported me in exactly what I wished for which was a home birth. She was able to talk through different aspects of this leading up to the birth and bought a sense of calm and strength of knowledge to the birth experience. The knowledge of breathing techniques she was able to teach and remind me of I found extremely valuable in keeping my contractions less painful. Marie was a strong advocate for myself and my husband yet still being respectful towards the NHS staff and their vital role. Marie is an extremely empathetic person which was so valuable as we had a difficult post-natal period with a hospital stay as my baby was ill. ‘Sarah

‘We wanted to say a massive thank you for all the support you have given us as our Doula. We truly feel that you facilitated the most amazing start to our Journey of parents of two. I felt very secure and safe in my choices with you to advocate for us. Also we are grateful for the way that you were able to support us in a way that brought us closer as a couple. We feel that we have started this new chapter solidified, thanks to how you enabled us to be connected throughout the labour. It feels like a very good and positive symbol of how we can parent together. ‘ Cat

I am a recognised Doula UK birth doula, questions about the role of a doula and the support of this professional body can be found at

How much does doula support cost?

£750 for support detailed below. I like to be both upfront and flexible about the financial arrangement. Additional support can also be included and costs revised. If costs are prohibitive talk to me.

What does the service include?

2 antenatal visits
Unlimited email, telephone support around birth choices and antenatal care choices.
On call 24hours a day for normally 28 days either side of your estimated due date. Ensuring that I can be contacted and with you between 30-90 mins.
Birth support (whether that be a few hours or a few days)
1 post-natal support visit.